Identity, print
Adobe Illustrator
The monogram combines the outline of two Fs to make an H for Frazier Homes. I used Sudtipo's Henderson Slab and Henderson Sans — based on the work of early-20th century sign painters — throughout the identity, including in a modified form as the basis for the monogram.
There are two lockup variations: a circular version for compact applications like business cards and a stacked horizontal version for yard signs. Each is adorned with two Torx screws, a type of fastener preferred by construction professionals for their superior torque.
The brand is unabashedly minimalist, as were the craftsmen of the early-20th century Midwest and as is Aaron. With Aaron's work, you can expect meticulous attention to detail and a rare reverence for quality.
Construction contractors rarely market themselves in the same internet-centric way most professionals do these days; more traditional word-of-mouth advertising is king. The aspect ratio and rotational symmetry of the standalone mark work perfectly in a square business card. The unusual format and stark black-and-white minimalism allow Aaron to stand out from other contractors.
I also applied the identity to yard signs, shirts, and Frazier Homes' Facebook page.

3 other random things I have made (you won't BELIEVE #3!)

Identity: James Lewis butcher & deli
I drew 30+ simple geometric food-related icons as part of a modular brand system.
STNDRD, the clothing brand for everybody
I made a quirky, expressive brand system for a clothing company focused on ethics and inclusivity.
Marvelous Miscellanea
Posters, social media thingies, and other random small projects that don't deserve a page of their own.
Snarky Stickers for SoarBlue
I made a series of stickers and Instagram graphics for SoarBlue, a liberal activist shop based in Fayetteville, AR.
Starspot & Starcards
I made an identity system and package design for Starspot, a company making beginner-friendly astronomy equipment, plus a series of "trading cards" for real-life stars.
Race, class, and COVID-19
As part of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation's Reimagine Arkansas series, I created a social media kit diving into the CARES Act and the racial disparities of the COVID crisis.
Data vis: "Partisan Pawprints"
As a reckless challenge to see how many different data inputs I could combine into one visualization, I chronicled five years of my life through travel, dogs, politics, and culture.
Americans: Inside & Out
The largest project of my career thus far: a gargantuan report exploring shifts to how Americans spend their time indoors and outdoors. 49 pages, 30+ data visualizations, and an irresponsible amount of collage.
The housing rainbow
In my second project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a quote wreath and a series of illustrations pushing viewers to think of housing as a spectrum.
Digital Thinkers Conference
I made a type-tastic bilingual brand system inspired by complex urban landscapes for the annual technology and design conference in Tokyo, Japan.
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