Goose Egg Park is... a park. That might come as a surprise to you:
It's the center of a large, low-traffic roundabout wedged between two neighborhoods in northern Joplin, Missouri. And yes, it is a real park: it's listed as such on the Joplin Parks & Rec website. I suspect that move was made solely to keep it mowed.
It's home to some of Joplin's finest amenities: two poles, two trees, and some assorted litter. It's an ideal spot for launching your Fourth-of-July fireworks and tripping over spent Roman candle tubes six months later. 
But I think it could be even more. That's why I made this series of eight goose-themed, egg-shaped icons to facilitate a grassroots movement for its transformation into a bustling park — with things in it. These icons can serve as signs, stickers, and (without their containers) categorical headers for websites and print materials.
First, we've gotta make sure that people know that Goose Egg Park is a park, and that it's a perfect place to enjoy your hobbies, like stargazing and kite-flying.
We should also encourage people to celebrate America's greatness there, but only if they clean up after themselves when they're done launching balls of fire into the sky.
Next, we can take the movement to City Hall. We've got to lobby city council to turn Goose Egg Park into a recreational pillar for the community. To fund it, we'll push for a half-cent tax on all poultry products — the Goose Tax.
Finally, we need a construction sign to let the locals know that there's soon to be stuff there. We also need a sign to discourage people from speeding around the park, because there's no stop signs around and drivers tend to blaze through there.
View the full set and some application mockups below.

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