I made this social media explainer for my third project with Reimagine Arkansas, a project by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation dedicated to amplifying the voices of those most harshly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Illustration, social media
Adobe Illustrator
I used Mark Simonson's beautiful Bookmania as the centerpiece typeface for this project, and this quote wreath shows off its remarkable versatility. The secondary typeface is TipoType's Fieldwork; I used several of its swashed stylistic alternates to mirror the poetic swashes and curves of Bookmania.
I don't consider myself to be much of an illustrator — I do it all with my trackpad, no fancy tablet or anything — but I absolutely love drawing buildings, especially in isometric perspective. 
I aimed for color, shadow, and density to play central roles in these illustrations. The "housing spectrum" runs from red (homelessness) to purple (market-rate homeownership). 

3 other random things I have made (you won't BELIEVE #3!)

STNDRD, the clothing brand for everybody
I made a quirky, expressive brand system for a clothing company focused on ethics and inclusivity.
Starspot & Starcards
I made an identity system and package design for Starspot, a company making beginner-friendly astronomy equipment, plus a series of "trading cards" for real-life stars.
Americans: Inside & Out
The largest project of my career thus far: a gargantuan report exploring shifts to how Americans spend their time indoors and outdoors. 49 pages, 30+ data visualizations, and an irresponsible amount of collage.
Frazier Homes
I developed a minimalist identity inspired by early 20th-century craftsmen for a local contractor and applied it to business cards, yard signs, and shirts.
North Heights Porchfest
I have organized, designed, and photographed for this grassroots music festival since 2017.
Visualizing the Earned Income Tax Credit
In my third project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a series of data visualizations on SB10, a bill that would create an EITC for working families in the state.
Digital Thinkers Conference
I made a type-tastic bilingual brand system inspired by complex urban landscapes for the annual technology and design conference in Tokyo, Japan.
Snarky Stickers for SoarBlue
I made a series of stickers and Instagram graphics for SoarBlue, a liberal activist shop based in Fayetteville, AR.
App prototype: Canopy NWA
I prototyped a volunteer coordination app in Adobe XD for a local organization that helps refugees from around the world resettle in Northwest Arkansas.
Restoring the neighborhood collective
My degree capstone project investigated sparsely-attended civic meetings that make huge housing and land usage decisions in communities across the United States.
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