This massive poster tells the story of my life from 2014–2019, spanning some of high school and most of college. This was my first serious foray into data visualization (although it really stretches that term). I completed this project with the help of Bree McMahon, one of the most encouraging and empowering professors and human beings I've ever met. I wanted this project to be as complicated, unwieldy, dense, and meandering as the story it tells, and Bree pushed me to pursue it to its fullest potential.
This is meant to be read closely. There's a lot to take in here, but the instructions, color-coding, arrows, and numbers should guide you fairly well.
Data visualization, print
Adobe Illustrator

3 other random things I have made (you won't BELIEVE #3!)

Race, class, and COVID-19
As part of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation's Reimagine Arkansas series, I created a social media kit diving into the CARES Act and the racial disparities of the COVID crisis.
North Heights Porchfest
I have organized, designed, and photographed for this grassroots music festival since 2017.
Digital Thinkers Conference
I made a type-tastic bilingual brand system inspired by complex urban landscapes for the annual technology and design conference in Tokyo, Japan.
The housing rainbow
In my second project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a quote wreath and a series of illustrations pushing viewers to think of housing as a spectrum.
Restoring the neighborhood collective
My degree capstone project investigated sparsely-attended civic meetings that make huge housing and land usage decisions in communities across the United States.
Marvelous Miscellanea
Posters, social media thingies, and other random small projects that don't deserve a page of their own.
Visualizing the Earned Income Tax Credit
In my third project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a series of data visualizations on SB10, a bill that would create an EITC for working families in the state.
STNDRD, the clothing brand for everybody
I made a quirky, expressive brand system for a clothing company focused on ethics and inclusivity.
Frazier Homes
I developed a minimalist identity inspired by early 20th-century craftsmen for a local contractor and applied it to business cards, yard signs, and shirts.
Starspot & Starcards
I made an identity system and package design for Starspot, a company making beginner-friendly astronomy equipment, plus a series of "trading cards" for real-life stars.
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