I was thrilled and honored to participate in Reimagine Arkansas, a project responding to the twin crises currently rocking our country: COVID-19 and deep-seated racial injustice. R/A brings together those most impacted by these issues with artists and designers based in Northwest Arkansas for wide-ranging roundtable discussions transcribed by the Local Voices Network.
I created this collage to sit atop R/A's first "constellation kit", a series of pieces inspired by roundtable discussions with local advocates for racial justice. The kit covers a wide variety of topics, including police killings, prison and poultry plant outbreaks, essential workers and frontline doctors and nurses, voter suppression, and wealth inequality. Photos in this collage cover all the stakeholders impacted by this crisis; the simple virus shape and rainbow gradient appear throughout my portion of the project.
This series of eight slides created for Instagram takes a deep dive into the racial imbalances in COVID-19 data, and makes the case for the continuation of the CARES Act and an economic strategy focused on compassion and equity. Evidently, the Senate GOP has not seen it.


check out more of my work:

Sleep hygiene infographic
I made an augmented reality-enabled data visualization poster about my friend's sleep habits.
Visualizing the Earned Income Tax Credit
In my third project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a series of data visualizations on SB10, a bill that would create an EITC for working families in the state.
North Heights Porchfest
I have organized, designed, and photographed for this grassroots music festival since 2017.
Identity: James Lewis butcher & deli
I drew 30+ simple geometric food-related icons as part of a modular brand system.
The housing rainbow
In my second project with Reimagine Arkansas, I made a quote wreath and a series of illustrations pushing viewers to think of housing as a spectrum.
Frazier Homes
I developed a minimalist identity inspired by early 20th-century craftsmen for a local contractor and applied it to business cards, yard signs, and shirts.
App prototype: Canopy NWA
I prototyped a volunteer coordination app in Adobe XD for a local organization that helps refugees from around the world resettle in Northwest Arkansas.
Identity: Starspot
I made an identity system and package design for Starspot, a company making beginner-friendly astronomy equipment, plus a series of "trading cards" for real-life stars.
Poster: "Good News from Iran"
Inspired by the work of Iranian designer Homa Delvaray, I created a poster and event collateral full of 3D typography.
STNDRD, the clothing brand for everybody
I made a quirky, expressive brand system for a clothing company focused on ethics and inclusivity.
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